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Welcome to eVantage

eVantage is an eContent solution powered by Vitalsource. With eVantage you will be able to make highlights and notes, search through a title or across your entire library as well as share highlighters with others. This platform allows to view your eBook online, using a desktop computer or through a mobile device.

An account will need to be created online prior to accessing the platform.

Click here to create an account. Click here if you already have an account and wish to sign in.

**If you are experiencing difficulties registering for a new Bookshelf Account, please go to the following URL to register:  https://online.vitalsource.com/user/new


Online Bookshelf: Please go to evantage.gilmoreglobal.com to access your eBook online.  The current versions of IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome are all fully supported.  Additional information about supported browers can be found further down this page.


Desktop Bookshelf: Installation Required

Bookshelf Mobile


  • Windows Mobile devices are not supported with a downloadable platform

Web Browser Support:

In general VitalSource will support two versions of a Web Browser; the current version and one back. The below table outlines the status of each browser. Browser support will be reviewed and updated every six months.

Fully Supported: Microsoft Edge | IE 9+ | Firefox (latest version) | Safari 8+ | Google Chrome (latest version)

        Limited Support: All Tablet and Smartphone browsers.

        No Support:       The following browsers are not supported. Content may appear on the pages; however the UI display and product functionality may be different to the browsers listed under the Fully Supported column:

    • Microsoft IE 8 or earlier
    • Mozilla Firefox 12 and earlier
    • Apple Safari 4 and earlier
    • Google Chrome 20 and earlier
    • Opera (any version)

The eVantage support site offers guides and troubleshooting tips on how to use our eContent solution. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to reach out to your customer service representative using the email alias found in your email.

First time user? Please visit our getting started page.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 September 2016